Monday, January 07, 2013

Best of 2012: All The Time

Best of 2012

Song: All The Time
Artist: Diamond Rings
Album: Free Dimensional

Continued evidence that I've increasingly fallen apart from general critical thought, I really really loved the new Diamond Rings album, the follow up to last years "Special Affections," which I just couldn't get into, yet was a critical darling... and yet the follow up isn't as much so.  (head scratch)

"Free Dimensional" is a straight-up 80's throwback with deadpan delivery and hooks galore.  It's the "catchiness" that seems to have put te critics off, and precisely the reason I'm digging it.  Right from the first listen, tracks like lead single "Runaway Love," "All The Time," and "I'm Just Me" grabbed me with their catchy urgency.

The album as a whole has a great modern/retro feel, one that I feel I'm still just really getting into to.  I didn't realize until this AM that it wasn't considered as good as the debut... what can you do?  (well, you should obvs take my word for it.)

"Runaway Love" and "All The Time" are two of the best songs of the year, and would highly recommend the album if you like both.

Who listens to critics anyhow?  Certainly not Nicki Minaj fans...

(unfair dig)


All The Time

I'm Just Me
Runaway Love

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