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Best of 2012: Inevitable

Best of 2012

Song: Inevitable
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Magic Hour

No strangers to a WeCastMusic best-of lists, the Scissor Sisters released their fourth album "Magic Hour" in 2012 and while in terms of albums it's probably their least effective, it's also save for maybe their debut the most "fun" of their records and holds many many amazing moments that are necessities for fans, and also pretty great if you know very little of the band.

Single-wise, they did pick the best stuff to make so; the kicky off-its-head Azealia Banks-assisted "Shady Love," the should-have-been dance smash, Calvin Harris produced "Only the Horses," the albums one Elton re-tread "Baby Come Home" and lastly, their out of left field sort of viral hit "Let's Have a Kiki," which was way more fun before everyone posted it on Facebook.  Oh well.  It's still pretty great.

But in true Sisters form, it was some of the non-singles that rose "Magic Hour" above many of the other albums released this year.  The Pharell Williams co-write and produced "Inevitable" is a sublime slice of Bee Gee's downtempo-disco, the dreamy "Year of Living Dangerously," the taste-of-the-islands vibe of "San Luis Obispo" and the amazing, epic album closer "Sometimes," that challenges (but doesn't overtake) "Night Work's" mind-blowing finale "Invisible Light."

So why is it their worst record?  Well it's all over the place, not nearly as consistant as "Night Work" or "Ta-Dah," and lacks some of the charms of their similarly eponymous debut.  Also has some pretty low lows... ("Keep Your Shoes" is kind of pointless, "Self Control" and "Best in Me" just meander a bit, and "The Secret Lives of Letters" is possibly their worst, schmaltzy-est song ever.)

BUT... you still should totally give this record a spin as it's great in a lot of ways.


San Luis Obispo
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