Thursday, January 03, 2013

Best of 2012: Sad

Best of 2012

Song: Sad
Artist: Elton John vs. PNAU
Album: Good Morning to the Night

This album almost made it into my top 5 records of the year but fell just short.  So while it's in my 'favorite songs, not albums' category in my picks for the best of 2012, it's really the album that I'm praising here... though "Sad" is, in fact, one of my favorite songs of the year.

Garnering Elton with his first number one UK album in 22 years, Australian act PNAU took vocals from John songs from 1970-1976 and remixed them into new compositions.  The result is a dreamy, atmospheric album that sounds both modern and completely classic.  Given that the songs are composed from as many as sixteen different tracks with lines taken here and there give them an obtuse spin, yet they are lyrically so poetic that it comes across as more mysterious than maddening.

And as mentioned, "Sad" is a great little song, melancholy and wistful yet slightly uplifting.  I do recommend the entre record though, it's a great soundscape that's good for the morning... and the night.


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