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Best of 2012: I'm Addicted

Best of 2012

Happy New Year!

The end of last year was a little hairy, and I knew I had to start thinking about the best music of the year and yet, like in years past, I came away a little disappointed as it seemed that music just wasn't so exciting this past year.  And then I comb through the music I've gotten this year and realize that there really was some great stuff out there.  (I do this every year.)

If I'm pressed to make a blanket statement about the state of music in 2012, I'd say for WeCastMusic it was the year I threw my hands up and completely gave way to female lead dancepop, it was a year of singles more than albums, and despite my hand-ringing... there was some great stuff.

This year I'm not going for the comprehensive list, if I've already highlighted a track this year I'm not retreading.  I've narrowed down just five albums I've thought worthy, and the rest are songs that I didn't highlight as I most likely picked another track, let they've been on constant repeat.  No  specific order.

Here's to 2012 WeCast style, and as always...


Song: I'm Addicted
Artist: Madonna
Album: M.D.N.A.

So I thought "M.D.N.A." was kind of a bust.  Maybe it's just the inflated expectation I've come to give new Madonna that doomed it to underwhelming status but it's certainly not her best.  The single choices were pretty head-scratching, and while it seemed that the concept of the record was to cover points of her amazing career with new tracks, it just reminded you more of past glories where she's done it better.  I saw her show and walked away disappointed which I attributed to stadium-shrinking, but again... it's gotten rave reviews.  I could be out of step.

THAT said, I did listen to this thing quite a bit in retrospect and one track was an unquestionable winner... the future-sleaze grind that is "I'm Addicted."  Instead of the genre-hopping we got, I'd wished "M.D.N.A." was an album full of the future-sounding "I'm Addicted."  It's hypnotic, infectious, and the one track that actually felt like it fit with the word play of the album title.  It's really amazing.

I don't know where I want Madonna to go next as while I love love "I'm Addicted" it is starting to feel like she can't keep up with this stuff much longer.  I'm falling for the ageist bullshit I was raging about before the album came out.  But the fact is, if "M.D.N.A." had been better, I probably would be going on and on about why Madonna should NEVER stop.

And really, she shouldn't.

So not a great record, but here are the best moments on M.D.N.A.

I'm Addicted
I Fucked Up
Gang Bang

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