Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Albums 2012: The Spirit Indestructible

Best Albums of 2012

Song: Spirit Indestructible
Artist: Nelly Furtado
Album: The Spirit Indestructible

Ladies and Gentleman, THE strongest case of WTF-happened, pop injustice of the year... went to poor Nelly Furtado, who saw her fifth album "The Spirit Indestructible" debut at number seventy-nine, selling jut 6,000 copies in its first week here in the U.S.  Four singles deep; none making serious impact.  This all despite writing some killer, world music-infused, pop hip-hop jams that were as earthy as they were urban.

I really loved this album, a true mix of her sophomore triumph "Folklore" and the bajillion-selling pop blast of '06's "Loose."  I loved the singles run of "Big Hoops," the amazing title track, banger "Parking Lot" and the most dancey track, "Waiting for the Night."  All really good.  I even thought album tracks like "High Life" and "Bucket List" could be potential singles.

The album really feels like a journey, and you can tell much time was put in crafting the record.  Shame.

I really loved "Loose" at the time, despite it feeling a little off for Nelly... not really her sound somehow.  "Spirit" sounds more natural.  It's got the beats, and the crazy, layered production of "Loose," but also an organic, tribal-ish sense of pop songwriting.

Not sure why this didn't connect.  It's worthy to check out.


Spirit Indestructible
Waiting for the Night
Bucket List

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