Friday, November 30, 2012


Song: Melt
Artist: Kamp!
Album: Kamp!

This song is some gloriously epic electro-house.  Dig.  Dig right-a-away.

Polish Synthpop trio formed in 2008 and influenced by 70's krautrock, 80's new wave, and 90's French house.  Think Cut Copy, Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, Metronomy, Human League, etc.

Having a hard time finding new news on them... it seems like they've released a couple singles and EP's and were set to release a full album last year.  The last single they dropped was for "Heats," which apparently, after a lot of growing buzz, was their "moment" song.

That track is also on "Kamp!" so this is possibly the long-awaited debut album.  I gave it one listen, and am an immediate fan.

"Melt" is like an eight-minute shorter version of this epic-ness.  Similar beat.  Right on.



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