Monday, November 26, 2012

Give it to Me

Song: Give it to Me
Artist: Ida Corr
Album: Singled Out

Enjoying this straight-up dance-pop compilation from Danish singer Ida Corr.  I recently highlighted a song she did with Bimbo Jones, which is included, as well as her 2007 smash "Let Me Think About It" with Fedde Le Grand.

I always meant to, but never highlighted Ida's 2009 album "Under the Sun," which I liked, though it had a much more R&B feel to it.  I suppose it's her voice that I like, and "Singled Out" is more in a genre I gravitate towards, though there are a couple "Sun" tracks included as well.

Opener "Tonight I'm Your DJ" is a better-than-average club track, and also really love "Give it to Me," another banger.

Not life-changing, but this is a good addition to your work-out mix.


Give it to Me
Tonight I'm Your DJ
What Goes Around Comes Around

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