Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feed the Dada

Song: Feed the Dada
Artist: Dada Life
Album: The Rules of Dada

I've been enjoying this record of hard electro-house from Swedish (of course!!!) duo Dada Life.  It's their second record, after their debut in 2009.  I'm hearing this harder sound in a lot of dance-leaning pop music, so this is obviously... the future.

"Feed the Dada" is the second single from "The Rules of Dada"after the album-opener first, "Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker," which is of course... a pretty apt opener for this balls-to-the-wall affair.

Apparently, if you dress like a banana at one of their shows, they will bring you up on stage and douse you with champagne.

I won't be doing that... but you should check out "The Rules of Dada."


Feed the Dada
Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker
Happy Violence

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