Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Song: Bitter
Artist: Monsieur Minimal
Album: Digital Love EP

I stumbled upon this EP recently and have quickly garned quite a lot of interest in the indie-pop stylings of Greece-based singer-songwriter Monsieur Minimal.  This "Digital Love EP" works as an official taste/stop-gap prior to the release of his upcoming double album "Minimal to Maximal," coming out later this year.  It's a sixteen-track work split in two with different sounds... a "minimal" indie-pop side and then a more experimental "maximal" side that infuses trip-hop, minimal house, and "post-electronica" sounds. (whatever that means.)

The EP certainly does it's job in making you want to hear more from the project.  First track and single "Bitter" feat. Hiras, has a late 70's/early 80's almost A.C. vibe with modern touches.  Sort of a bit more propulsive version of Human League at their cheesiest... yet with an organic edge that makes it a bit timeless.  And that guitar solo!  I really really dig it though.

I've found conflicting info about release dates of the full album, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out. The official website doesn't seem to have concrete info, but I'm looking out.

Every track from the EP is from the "minimal" side, you can listen to them all below.


Digital Love

Last Song

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