Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gold Dayzz

Song: Gold Dayzz
Artist: Ultraísta
Album: Ultraísta

Nigel Godrich is best known as Radiohead's main producer, working on all of their output since their sophomore album, "The Bends," as well as their follow-up breakthrough, "OK Computer."  Those two monumental albums made him one of the best known names in the business, leading to his producing Beck's "Mutations" & "Sea Change," Pavement's "Terror Twilight," Travis' "The Invisible Band," & Air's "Talkie Walkie."  A couple of my favorite records.

Godrich's latest project is a collaboration with drummer Joey Waronker and singer Laura Bettinson under the name "Ultraísta."  A mix of trip-hop, stuttered beats, electro, synths, and indie rock elements, with Ultraísta you hear the sonic collage the man has perfected with Radiohead (save their last record) as well as airy-moodiness in the key of Phantogram.

You'll hear exactly what I mean in the woozy "Gold Dayzz" or the snappy beats and swirling synths of "Bad Insect."  Friend and reader Chris also points to the trippy Four Tet remix of "Smalltalk."  You can take a listen below.

The album does get a little same-y sounding as it goes along, but worth checking out.


Gold Dayzz
Bad Insect
Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

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