Saturday, September 08, 2012

Your Body

Song: Your Body
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Album: Your Body

I have a bit of a like/hate relationship with Christina Aguilera.  I've really liked songs of hers in the past ("Ain't No Other Man," "Dirrty") and I've absolutely despised songs by her ("Beautiful," the album "Bionic" in its entirety.)  And ultimately I find her songs get really dated sounding pretty quickly. ("Ain't No Other Man," her first record in its entirety.)

But regardless, Christina was a pop force to be reckoned with... until her last record "Bionic" flopped hard and she decided to star in a reality TV show.  But with Britney & Mariah joining her on that front and making the joke less of one... could a new hit song bring her back to... the top isn't the right word, maybe just straight up relevance?

"Moves Like Jagger," the song she guested on with Maroon 5 and her Voice fellow-judge Adam Levine, was a certified smash.  I think the world is ready.

And here we go... a brand new, hit-maker Max Martin production, called "Your Body."  It's a sexy, electro-meets-R&B mid-tempo number that's a little "Heavy Metal Lover" without... well subtlety and depth.  It's still got the standard Aguilera yelling-as-singing... but I like it.  The melody is pretty infectious for sure.

How far is the lack of subtlety?  Well, the chorus goes "ALL... I... WANT... TO DO... IS FUCK YOUR BODY! Ohhh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh-oh."  Nice girl.

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Your Body

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