Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweet Nothing

Song: Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)
Artist: Calvin Harris
Album: 18 Months

As promised, here is the amazing new Calvin Harris single featuring Florence Welch. (the one with the Machine)

The songs serves as the fifth single off his still forthcoming third album, "18 months."

Infatuation, blind love, or being in love (obsessed?) with inevitable disappointment... the thing that makes this song so absolutely amazing is a) it's simplicity, and b) well... that beat.  It might take the stars to be exactly in line, but this song could be his biggest since "We Found Love."  Think?

The thing I always saw as the essence of why "We Found Love" was so huge (aside from, well... that beat) was that "We found love in a hopeless place" is one of the simplest, quietly profound lines that the listener can easily apply to their life.  The best music does that... and if you're on the dancefloor, or a little drunk, or even better both... a line like that, followed by a breakdown can really be dancefloor euphoria.  Brilliant in it's wide-reaching emotional simplicity.

In the same way, the hook of this song is "You're giving me sweet sweet nothing," gives the listener a simple line that's positively pregnant with personal possibilities.  We've all fallen for someone that wasn't into it, and we've all either had that person take advantage of those feelings, or have been blinded by the possibilities, when nothing is actually there.  And wherever you fall, you've got this sick beat and Florence's vocal ticks and huge voice... there you go.  Amazing.

As a fan since his debut, I can't help but pine a bit for old, silly Calvin... when his songs weren't built for long stretches on top of the charts.  But while some would argue he's "sold out" or gotten stale, I think he's actually perfecting a certain type of song... and this one pushes things forward.

I love this dude.


Sweet Nothing
We'll Be Coming Back
Let's Go

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