Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Die Young

Song: Die Young
Artist: Ke$ha
Album: Warrior

I'm not sure anyone, even after hearing "Tik Tok," the song that put Ke$ha on the map, expected her to have like... a full career.  It was the best thing on her debut for sure, so it wasn't until the release of "Cannibal," a "Fame Monster"-esque follow-up EP that she really cemented her status as someone we should actually pay attention to.  The one-two punch of "We R Who We R" and "Blow" was a surprise... but there were actually a t o n of great songs on "Cannibal," and the likes of "The Harold Song" we didn't know she had in her.  Who did this girl think she is?

Then she co-wrote "'Til the World Ends" for Britney.  Huge.

So there's a surprising amount of anticipation that's coming with her official second full album, entitled "Warrior" which arrives in early December.  She's described the new tunes as "cock-pop," and wanted to bring a "70's rock" vibe to the album, moving away from the electropop and autotune of... well her entire catalogue.

So is "Die Young," the recently released first single a game changer?  Well... no, it sounds just like a Ke$ha song.  Exactly.  Okay, I don't hear much auto-tune.  So there's that.  But... where's the cock-pop?  Where's the rock? (I don't think a little acoustic guitar intro counts.  And speaking of... I first heard a little "Walking With the Ghost" Tegan and Sara there... though many are pointing to Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" as the touchstone for that.)

After three listens before bed last night I woke up this AM with that chorus in my head.  I listened again this AM and have decided... this will be absolutely HUGE.  It's insanely catchy, a reminder of who Ke$ha is... and while it doesn't really push things forward for her, this is a good first single.  If the album is strong, the second single will be the true test.


Die Young

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