Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't Stop the Dance

Song: Don't Stop the Dance
Artist: Bryan Ferry
Album: Girls and Boys

I've been on a slow climb to getting to know Bryan Ferry, lead singer of Roxy Music and solo artist in his own right.  Life has introduced me to songs here and there, I really dug his last record, 2010's "Olympia," and went through a period of listening to Roxy Music's best-of for quite a while.

But there is just SO much back catalogue... it honestly overwhelms me.... and I move to something else.

But recently my friend Jorge introduced me to the amazing "Don't Stop the Dance," a ridiculously evocative number that recalls smokey, mysterious bars filled with unsavory men and dangerous woman.  It's 80's for sure... (that sax!) but there is a timelessness and mood to the music that's pretty undeniable.

The song is form Ferry's 6th solo album, 1985's "Girls and Boys," which remains his only #1 solo album in the UK.  It's best known for the single "Slave to Love," one of his most popular hits, which is featured in the steamy "9 1/2 Weeks."  Sexy.

"Girls and Boys," given one full listen, is a pretty solid affair and worth a full listen.  If you like "Don't Stop the Dance" and "Slave to Love," you're sure to enjoy this entire thing.

Now I've got eleven more Bryan Ferry records to sort through.  Oy.


Don't Stop the Dance
Slave to Love

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