Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Song: Ride
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Ride / Born to Die - Paradise Edition

Well, I resisted giving y'all a full week of this year's obsession, the criminally overlooked (at least here in the States) best new artist of the year... Lana Del Rey.  But this girl keeps giving, and I am enthralled.

On the heels of a re-release of her debut album, which includes a bonus disc of new material, she's released a new single from the coming re-release called "Ride."  And... it might be the best thing she's ever committed to tape.

And actually, this song brings it all together for me... Lana is a female Springsteen.  Yes... Springsteen.

I've gone over Lana before, but have been pouring through over 50+ (not kidding) unreleased tracks from the girl... and there are about two-to-four new ones that appear each week, and she's got this romanticized Americana thing happening that recalls Springsteen in mood and tone, and in a way, she's created an entire career out of being a manifestation of sorts of the female character from the Boss' favorite song of mine... "I'm on Fire."

"Hey little girl is you Daddy home, did he go away and leave you all alone..."

 But with "Ride," Lana takes the reigns herself, and like The Killers did with "Sam's Town," she borrows Bruce's lyrical poetry vibe and breaks for the open road herself... and emerges as a force to be reckoned with.  I am mesmerized.

To further add to this sense of Americana, Lana includes a cover of the Bobby Vinton classic "Blue Velvet" to The Paradise Edition, included in an H&M campaign she's staring in.  The commercials go full-on Lynch and she deftly conveys the off-kilter, something evil lurking underneath the seemingly perfect vibe of the film of the same name.  It adds again to the Lana mystique.

I've just been so taken with this girl that I wish more people were paying attention.  It's rather amazing.  Take a listen to "Ride" and "Blue Velvet" below, as well as a silly, yet unbelievably catchy unreleased track that fell out of nowhere a couple weeks ago.


Blue Velvet
Go Go Dancer

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