Friday, June 01, 2012

F**k With You

Song: F**k With You
Artist: Bob Sinclar
Album: Disco Crash

This blog is in its sixth year, which blows my mind a little, but when I think of how it's changed... and where I've been with it, I still think about some of my absolute favorite posts, and one of them will always be my intro to "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclar.  And wow... that was all the way back in February of 2007.

That track, and it's sound-alike follow up "World Hold On," were great tracks, but I can't say I've really followed or cared for anything Sinclar has done since... and for the most part didn't really connect with his latest, "Disco Crash" released early this year.  He's already got about four singles he's released from the record, though I would call it fairly forgettable... BUT I've recently re-picked up the amazing "F**k With You" featuring the sublime vocals of the gorgeous Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Something about pretty ladies with gorgeous voices cursing... it sort of changes the word somehow.  It's a fun disco-fied electro-pop song with a regrettable "rap" in the middle.  But it's Friday, it's sunny... go with it.


F**k With You
Work it Out (another new Sophie Track)
Tik Tok (feat. Sean Paul)

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