Friday, February 09, 2007

Love Generation

Song: Love Generation
Artist: Bob Sinclar
Album: Western Dream

I am excited today. I am excited because something happened yesterday that cleared up a now ten month mystery that has been driving me crazy.

Have you ever heard a song, maybe on the radio, or out somewhere and weren’t able to find out what the song was? Maybe the DJ didn’t say, and/or nobody around knew what it was around you. I use to work in a corporate record chain back when I was in my teens and often would have people come in with this dilemma. Often I would get to hear disastrously off-key versions of songs that people had heard in the hopes that I would point them in the right direction. I was pretty good with this as I was pretty up on a lot of varieties of music. Though I did have one customer come in, sing the chorus and some broken verses of Madonna’s then hit “Deeper and Deeper.” When I quickly said to the woman; “Oh, that is Madonna’s Deeper and Deeper, you can find it on her latest album Erotica…” she cut me off to say “No, no it’s not Madonna.” Then again sang the same chorus and broken verse of Madonna’s “Deeper and Deeper.” It’s hard to argue with morons and this lady did not pick up on my thinly veiled frustration when I said “Huh, then I’m not sure what that is… though it has the same lyrics as Madonna’s Deeper and Deeper.” If it had been today I would have suggested she do a Google search with the lyrics she knew… and follow up with an apology call to yours truly.

Last May I celebrated my 30th birthday with a few of my best friends in Amsterdam for an entire week. It was an absolutely magical time for me that I will remember for many many years to come. During that week I heard a song playing when we were all out one night that I immediately needed to know about. It had a lot of whistling, and I almost thought it might be Rusted Root. (Wow) I asked all my friends and nobody had heard of it. The next night I heard it again. This time I asked a few strangers as it plays and nobody knew it. Errgh! Over that week I was to hear this song a total of four times yet nobody, wherever we were could tell me the title let alone artist.

When I returned to the States and it crossed my mind again, I did a little online research. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really remember many of the lyrics to do a good Google search. The repeated refrain, from what I could remember said something like “feel the love and elation.” But that didn’t come up. I tried “feel the love and Erration,” “feel the love bedration.” Nothing. You would think it would cross my mind that the song would contain actual words form the English language… who’s the moron now right? To my defense, we were in Amsterdam, and every time I heard the song I was either out at a bar or enjoying some… coffee.

Now ten months have passed and I had never heard the song here in the States. At this point I had really let it go so what a shock to me when yesterday, at about 5:30 PM I faintly heard what I thought was the song coming from the speakers of someone in my office. I stood up and while I thought it was a remix, it was my song! So my lovely co-worker Melanie informed me that it was called “World Hold On” by Bob Sinclar, which SHE has heard while in Greece. (And was obviously a little more successful in tracking it down than I.) After some research and downloading at home I found out that the song I had actually heard was Bob Sinclar’s first single from his 2006 album “Western Dream,” “Love Generation” which had actually been released in 2005. (And pretty much sounds almost the same as “World Hold On,” another whistle chorus!) Bob Sinclar is a French DJ that has been releasing singles and compilations since the late 80’s. “Love Generation” was chosen as the official FIFA theme song for 2006, it was a major international hit… and yet it eluded me for almost ten months here in America. How is that possible?

Anyhow, this is a fun, upbeat song that’s positive, and easy to get to know by heart because the chorus is really just whistling. It has a persistent throbbing backbeat, and a sort of general “let’s love everyone vibe.” Now that I get to hear it I think it’s good, not great… and probably best enjoyed while out with a group of good friends. I wish American radio, MTV, etc. would look to our international friends a bit more for pop music… but it seems as International as we’re willing to go is “London Bridge.” Oy.


Video for World Hold On:

Video for Love Generation:


Greg said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I have been trying to find the song with the lyric "feel the love and elation for two months." google was no help. I found your post on an MSN search. Finally!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I first heard that song like 6 months ago and heard it like three times since then and LOVED IT but couldn't remember the lyrics and no one knew what song I was talking about. Finally last night I heard it out at a bar and made a point of remembering the lyrics which I also thought were "feel the love and elation" anyways I googled it and thanks to you finally found the song and was able to download it! Thank you!

mike said...

How weird is that!!
I just heard the song with what I also thought was "feel the love and Elation" and immediately found your post.

It was a memorable version too - in a nightclub in Sao Paulo with a live Samba band drumming along to the tune - the place went mental!

thanks fella.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this post! I have been searching for this song forever and the only reason I found it was b/c of your post. I have been searching "feel the love in every nation" and various other incorrect lyrics for the past half an hour. YES!!!!

samey samey said...

Yeah, I was looking for "giving love an ovation" for about 15 months, then heard it in the pizza shop and realised it was "feelin' love an' elation." Now I got it!