Thursday, May 31, 2012

How it Starts

Song: How it Starts
Artist: The Features
Album: Wilderness

If you don't know this song from it's name and band, you should scroll down and immediately hit the play button on the audio clip.  Because you're bound to hear it a bit, then the chorus will kick in, and you'll say... "oh wait... how do I know this song?"  You will.  You do.

Okay, it's another example of a killer hook from a song being used in... a car commercial.  Until I looked it up, despite seeing that thing several times on the TV, I couldn't remember that it was for the 2012 Mustang.  But come to think about it... what car was that being advertised that played Dirty Vegas' "Days Go By?"  I can't remember.  Can that be considered good marketing then?

Okay, so I only bother you with this because a) I shazam'd the commercial and it actually worked, b) got the song and it's entire accompanying album, and c) that album is really good.  And the Features should get some recognition outside of a bloody Mustang commercial.

The Features are from Tennessee and "Wilderness" is their third full length album.  They're not so big here (unless this ad is helping) but happen to be pretty popular in the UK.  They have that retro groove-rock sound that The Walkman have with a touch of Franz Ferdinand wink, a little psychedelia organ, and a bit of the old country influence a-la Kings of Leon, whom they are associated with.  (First band signed to their imprint Serpents and Snakes.)

"How it Starts" has Summer jam written all over it.  Perfect for... well cruising in a car in the sunshine. (Mustang optional.)  BUT give this band a chance, I'm digging this record and may work my way back through their past albums.


How it Starts
Another One

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