Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

Song: Picking Up the Pieces
Artist: Paloma Faith
Album: Fall to Grace

I missed British-born singer-songwriter Paloma Faith's debut album, 2009's "Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?," which spawned five singles and established Faith as a rising star in her home country and through Europe.  Missed all that. But, she's returned with a sophomore set entitled "Fall to Grace," which has given her her best charting single yet, first track "Picking Up the Pieces."

"Fall to Grace" is cinematic-leaning behemoth of sweeping strings, synths, piano, soulful vibes, and story-song lyrics.  It's a little too dramatic, but it's not without its charms.  I have quite warmed up to the single, as well as the second track, "30 Minute Love Affair."  I'm still listening, and may l o v e it in months time.

Faith has been getting involved with some acting, evident in the video for the single. (see below)  And again, "Fall to Grace" has a sweeping grandness that's born from the movies.  It might be too much for you, or it could be a revelation.  You decide.


Picking Up the Pieces
30 Minute Love Affair
Let Me Down Easy (live)

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