Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Our Love

Song: Our Love
Artist: Donna Summer
Album: Bad Girls

Back in January I feel pretty hard for Gomma records four-track release "Casablanca Reworks," a selection of songs released by 70's disco titans, Casablanca Records re-done by four different bands on the label with vocals done by Peaches.  I loved the concept, wished they'd done a whole album, and then started to listen to the originals as well...

Well, I had planned a full Casablanca Records week here at WeCastMusic, but honestly have been overwhelmed at the wealth of material the label had, and was swimming in (personally) undiscovered disco simply from the four-disc "The Casablanca Records Story."  Crazy.  How could I possibly sum up a label with five selected songs?  Oh well.

While a full week may not happen right now, I have still been completely obsessed with not only the Telonius re-work but also the Donna Summer original "Our Love," a Summer track I'd never heard before.  "Our Love" was from her seventh and most successful album, the double-set "Bad Girls," which contained not only that hit, but "Hot Stuff" as well.  It was a hit, but following an addiction to pills, Summer moved to Geffen Records to expand the type of music she was producing.  Casablanca released a greatest hits compilation which featured unreleased tracks, one of which, "On the Radio," would become one of her biggest songs.  With the Geffen album coming soon, Casablanca then went back and continued to release tracks from "Bad Girls."  "Our Love" would end up being the 5th of 6th singles released from the record.

Oddly, the song languishes a bit toward the end of the album, proceeded by four drippy ballads, only to explode into this beautiful, dramatic, Moroder space-disco.  It's amazing.

On a side note, also check out "Lucky" below, another Moroder track that immediately follows "Our Love" on the album.  It's an... odd one, with a writing credit from non-other than Joe "Bean" Esposito!  Who is that you say?  Well take a look at this.


Our Love
Our Love - Telonius feat. Peaches

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