Friday, May 04, 2012

Call My Name

Song: Call My Name
Artist: Cheryl (Cole)
Album: A Million Lights

At the risk of this blog becoming a Calvin Harris fan page, I am posting yet another Harris production, the new single by ex-Girls Aloud member (and first solo star) Cheryl Cole.  The track is called "Call My Name" and it's a great Euro-pop dance track that probably doesn't have much hope getting play here in the States.  (We'll have either the new Rhianna single to get our Calvin here, or his new collab with Ne-Yo.)

I know very little about Cheryl, but after loving the debut album by Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts, Cole comes across as a pretty girl without much personality.  Oh well, the track is fun.

But good on Calvin, no doubt riding a huge wave after the mega-sucess of Rihanna's "We Found Love" getting a crack at Cole's comeback single.  I like it.


Call My Name

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