Friday, March 30, 2012

Single Blip

Song: Single Blip
Artist: VCMG
Album: Ssss

I'm not typically into instrumental dance music, but after spending a couple weeks with VCMG's new album "Ssss," I must say it has quite grown on me.  Though it does fall into the genre I've coined "Dungeon Disco," or.. dirty sex music.

VCMG are none other than Vince Clark (Erasure) and Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) who haven't collaborated since 1981.  (lucky stars counted?)  "Ssss" is a pulsing, churning, solid hour of deep transcendental house that manages to save itself from being completely faceless.  It's not for everyone, but if you were looking for one record to fill that private sex club/personal depravity weekend slot here it is. (Not that I, of course, speak from any such experience.)  It's just got that vibe.

Joking aside, for what this is, it's very good.  Happy Friday!


Single Blip
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