Thursday, March 08, 2012

Making it Right

Song: Making it Right
Artist: Plastic Operator
Album: Before the Day is Out

In terms of geeky bedroom/laptop electronic pop, I'm in the camp that's still waiting for a Postal Service sophomore album, and does NOT think Owl City is a fitting substitute.  Foster the People became the most popular, more pop version of this emo-electro... and I'll never understand why the Digits record wasn't bigger.

Somewhere in the middle of all this are Plastic Operator, a Canadian/Belgian duo who formed in 2004 while in school in London.  Their song "Folder" got a release in '04 as part of Sunday Best Recordings in the UK getting them their first exposure.  They released their debut album "Different Places" in 2007 and did many European festivals promoting the record.

Last month saw the release of their second record, "Before the Day is Out," "Making it Right" is the first single.  I quite like this record.  Not as moody as Digits or poppy as Foster the People, but it's a nice little electronic pop record with good production and melodies.


Making it Right
Sometimes it's Easy

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