Monday, March 12, 2012

Land of Hope and Dreams

Song: Land of Hope and Dreams
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Wrecking Ball

I'm really digging the new Springsteen record, his seventeenth entitled "Wrecking Ball."  An apparent record for the Occupy Wall Street crowd... but also another solid collection of 'for the people' songs that are heartfelt, real, emotional, and powerful.  He can do this stuff in his sleep, right?

For the fan, there's everything here... the heartbreaking ballads (Jack of All Trades, The Depression) the spiritualizing rave-ups (We Take Care of Our Own, Wrecking Ball, Land of Hope and Dreams) and Bruce taking a look back, to say something new (Death to My Hometown.)  What's new here is some spacey production flourishes that despite working are surprising, and a willingness to borrow traditional sounds of other nations.  ("Hometown" sounds like an Irish drinking song.)

This is a solid one maybe my favorite since 'The Rising', check it out.


Land of Hope and Dreams
We Take Care of Our Own
Jack of All Trades

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