Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Song: Sarah
Artist: Digits
Album: Hold it Close

Digits are a Toronto-based indie-dance project by Alt Altman. His self-described "introspective dance music" is a dreamy blend of quiet beats, low-energy vocals, and wistful lyricism. I was immediately reminded of fellow Canadian's Junior Boys, though a little less sexy. Actually, Digits are probably best described as a male version of Sally Shapiro, who I love. It's not in your face dance/electronic... more singer-songwriter.

I like opener "Saturation" as well as the pretty, throbbing, "Sarah." "You're Going to Age" is probably the hardest hitting on the album, and a bit more immediate than the rest of the album, which settles for a mood over attention grabbing hooks and beats. Overall, it's al album that gets under your skin... great for late nights.

You can read more about Digits and but the album at their official website. Three songs from the album are available for free download there, or can read up and listen to more at their MySpace Page.


You're Going to Age

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