Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Song: I.O.U.
Artist: Freeez
Album: Gonna Get You

So the real inspiration for today's selection is simply this bands name...  I discovered Freeez, a late 80's U.K.-based dance act, just a couple months ago with their track "I.O.U."  It's a cute lesser-known late 80's/early 90's track that popped into my head because... freeze, is what I'm doing, in NYC right now...

It was in the mid-70's late last week and I wake up this AM to find it's 30 out and we have a chance for snow.  Snow.  I was already ready for Spring, errr... actually Summer.  So I'm not trying to hear this.  Freeez indeed!

I.O.U. was written by Arthur Baker and was featured in the cult breakdance movie "Beat Street."  The band had a handful of singles and four albums in total, but "I.O.U." was their most successful track.

I can't say this is warming me up any, but it's worth an 80's inspired smile. :)


Pop Goes My Love
Love's Gonna Get You

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