Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Love Interruption

Song: Love Interruption
Artist: Jack White
Album: Blunderbuss

Jack White is set to release his first solo material with "Blunderbuss," set for release at the end of April.  It will be released through his own Third Man Records.

Jack states of the album:

"I've put off making records under my own name for a long time but these songs feel like they could only be presented under my name. These songs were written from scratch, had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colors on my own canvas."

I was on quite a high with White's The White Stripes for a while, discovering them as they released four insane amazing albums back-to-back.  I didn't love the last Stripes record, nor his other forays with other bands... but I still consider him one of the better songwriters to appear in the last decade, so I'm very interested in this solo album.

Lead single "Love Interruption" is a fairly quiet affair, acoustic guitar, female backing vocals, and... is that an oboe?  It's got White's bite though, despite the sweetness.

What do you think?


Love Interruption

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