Monday, February 06, 2012


Song: Origins
Artist: Tennis
Album: Young and Old

Like Chairlift whom I highlighted last week, Tennis was a band I discovered a while ago due to their debut album, always meant to feature them on the blog, but never did.  And like Chairlift they have their sophomore album coming out... and so here they are.

Tennis are a Denver-based indie-pop duo comprised of husband and wife team of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley.  They met in college while studying philosophy, formed the band, recorded and released their debut album "Cape Dory" after a seventh-month sailing trip down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard.

"Young and Old," like "Cape Dory" is filled with Best Coast-esque lo-fi surfer girl pop.  Their sound hasn't changed all that much, though it does seem that "Y&O" has a bit clearer production, less distortion, though still a bit lo-fi.  But it's well worth the listen.

Check out single "Origins" below, but I also liked the punchy "Petition" where Alaina's voice really shines and has a Beth Ditto of the Gossip vibe.  Also love opening track "It All Feels the Same" which is the most "Best Coast" this album gets.


It All Feels the Same
Petition (live)

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