Friday, January 27, 2012


Song: Doubt
Artist: Amanda Mair
Album: Doubt

I've been recently intrigued by Swedish teenager (15!) Amanda Mair, whom I recently discovered via another end-of-year best singles list.  "Doubt," her second single has been on heavy rotation for me, and I'm pretty excited to hear her debut album, due this year.

Mair's first single "House" started like a pretty piano ballad only to turn into a churning beat-kicking stormer.  "Doubt" is more immediate, with a persistant beat that works well with Mair's vocal.  It's a little dramatic, but not overtly so.  Sort of like a less weird Marina & the Diamonds, that regardless conjures Kate Bush to a certain degree.  Her sound is now... a touch of electro with Alternative rock ambitions.  Interesting.

I wonder if any of her song titles have two words.  Or more.  We'll see.  This is one to watch.



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