Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Mouth

Song: Big Mouth
Artist: Santigold
Album: Master of my Make-Believe

It's kind of wild to think it's been over four years since Santogold burst onto the scene and gave us her brilliant self-titled debut.  But the wait is almost over, as her sophomore album, "Master of my Make-Believe" is set for release this spring.  But things are different...

First off, Santogold is now Santigold.  (???) And instead of sort of sounding like M.I.A... she like totally sounds and almost feels like M.I.A., given her new video for "Big Mouth," a new track she just released that I assumed was the official fist single for the new record but apparently it's not.  That's sort of good news as it's a little underwhelming.  Is this going to be another Ting Ting's situation?  Huge debut record, big splash... sophomore slump?  (truthfully that Ting Ting's song is growing on me.)

Santigold released a new track back in April of last year, "Go" featuring Karen O of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's.  I liked the song, but it seemed like a toss-off compared to the brilliant tunes for the debut.  But in retrospect, after hearing "Big Mouth" it seems better.  That's not to say that I'm disliking "Big Mouth," I guess I'm just expecting more.  It seems much more like an M.I.A. run-off than something touching the true brilliance of say "You'll Find a Way," "Creator," "L.E.S. Artists..." dang, I could go on.

That said I do like the beat of "Big Mouth" and the animated-meets live action video.  I question the need for the Gaga diss at 1:28, but more so... there's the fact that this track is really just lifted from Buraka Som Sistema's (We Stay) Up All Night.  Take a listen after hearing "Big Mouth," I mean... this is way more than an Express Yourself/BTW situation, no?

I'm not ready to write off Santogold... er, Santigold yet.  I'll wait until I hear the album or at least an official single.  She's done a lot of really great collaborations lately, check out the amazing Beastie Boys collab "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" below.  But she better hit us with something mild-blowing soon.


Big Mouth
Go (w/Karen O)
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Beastie Boys w/Santigold

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