Thursday, December 08, 2011


Artist: The Sound of Arrows
Song: Wonders
Album: Voyage

I'd first discovered Swedish electropop band The Sound of Arrows back in 2009 when they put out the single "M.A.G.I.C."  I loved the sunny upbeat sound and 80's movie aesthetic the band went for.  And since then we've all been waiting for the release of their debut album.  Well, "Voyage" finally came out in November, and while it didn't quite meet my expectations... it's worth checking out.

But I'll also own up to taking a long time to connect with latest single "Wonders," but it recently fell into place for me.  It's a slower track than I expected for a single, but the album also falls into that line... and therefore possibly responsible for my shifted expectations.  The song is ultimately pretty soaring and wonderful.

I did enjoy the album, just wasn't the home run (on my terms) that I was expecting.  But I could be totally wrong.  Regardless, you should check out "Wonders," and the rest of the album if this moves you...


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