Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Somebody That I Used to Know

Song: Somebody That I Used to Know
Artist: Gotye
Album: Making Mirrors

Friend and reader Chris introduced me to this song a while back and I've been slowly getting into the album as a whole, which is an odd mix of psychedelic rock, electronica twinged soul, and folky atmospherics.  "Somebody I Used to Know," a duet with New Zealand's Kimbra, falls into the latter category... a haunting song that really gets under your skin.  It's quite beautiful.

Gotye (pronounced, I believe, like the designer, Gaultier) is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Bruges, Belgium.  He's released three studio albums and a remix record.  His latest, "Making Mirrors" was released back in August of this year.

I've really like this record, a hard one to pin down but worth the time to check out.  "Somebody I Used to Know" doesn't really typify the sound of the record, as it jumps from the psychedelic ("Easy Way Out," "Smoke & Mirrors") to straight up soul ("I Feel Better") to electro-pop ("Eyes Wide Open") and everywhere in between.  Very cool.


Somebody I Used to Know
Eyes Wide Open
I Feel Better

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