Tuesday, November 15, 2011


90's Week

Song: Mouth
Artist: Merril Bainbridge
Album: The Garden

When I asked for suggestions from readers for tracks from the 90's the very first was from an Anonymous reader whom suggested Merril Bainbridge's "Mouth."  This was sort of perfect because I remembered the Australian singer-songwriter but didn't know her work, nor her biggest song.

"Mouth" was Bainbridge's first single from her 1995 album "The Garden."  It remains her biggest single both here in the States and in Australia where is reached #4 and #1 respectively.  She released a sophomore album in 1998, at the height of Lilith Fair and the female singer-songwriter boom of the late 90's.  I was really into that scene at the time, and am surprised Merril didn't have more of a presence.  Possibly due to her being Australian and not touring or doing much promotion in the US (this is a guess) or just the fact that nothing from her sophomore album got much attention either here or in Australia.

"Mouth" is cutesy, a sing-songy type that wouldn't see the Hot 100 today.  I'm sure that I heard this song in college as I remember my friend Pollara had the album, but I don't remember it at all.  I was more interested in her version of the Pet Shop Boys "Being Boring," which I remember snagging from Pollara for a mix CD of cover songs I was making. (I had a non-computer CD burner in college which I was obsessed with.)


Under the Water
Power of One

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