Monday, November 14, 2011

Love You More

90's Week

Song: Love You More
Artist: Sunscreem
Album: O3

After hearing the Betty Boo album and wanting to do a semi-random 90's week, I always knew the first track I wanted to highlight was "Love You More" by Essex, England's techno/house band Sunscreem.  Friend and reader Chris just introduced this track to me earlier this past summer and I quite love it.  True... it does sound rather dated, but you'll find that most 90's music does.  And that seems to count double when it comes to the birth of "techno" as a genre.  (James Brown is Dead certainly doesn't sound as mind-blowing as it did before eh?)

Sunscreem formed in 1991 and had a handful of hits throughout the decade as well as into the next.  "Love You More" was released as a promo single in 1991 and spent two weeks on the top of the US Dance charts.  It was one of the first techno songs to hit the US Billboard Hot 100 Top 40, reaching #36. (their highest charter.)

They released five singles from their debut album "O3," on top of "Love You More," including "Pressure," "Walk On," "Perfect Motion," and "Broken English," a Marianne Faithful cover.   The album is pretty consistent... I'm sorry I missed it at the time as this would have been pretty mind-blowing, and might have changed my music interests a bit if I'd heard it at the time.

Anyone got any Sunscreem stories?


Love You More
Walk On

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