Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kissed Her Sister

Song: Kissed Her Sister
Artist: Brite Futures
Album: Dark Past

Here's a dance-rock album I came across recently and immediately connected with.  Brite Futures are a Seattle-based band that formed while the members were still in High School in 2005.  At the time, they were obsessed with the film "V for Vendetta" and originally named the band "Natalie Portman's Shaved Head" or "NPSH" for short.  They released their debut album "Glistening Pleasure" in 2008, which subsequently got them signed to Warner Brothers.

Over the course of their time at Warner Brothers they realized how silly their name was, apparently spurred by finding out Natalie Portman really didn't care for it, and they changed their name to Brite Futures, re-releasing an updated version of their debut entitled "Glistening Pleasures 2.0." (A Bieber joke.)  I haven't heard this record, but in September of 2010 they split ways with WB, went indie again, and recorded "Dark Past"which was released last week.

I mistook Brite Futures youthful tongue-in-cheek lyrics for elder irony a-la Electric Six... but they're just young kids making party music about partying... that's cute, funny, and way catchy.  And with song names like "Too Young to Kill," "Best Party Ever (So Far)," and "Kissed Her Sister," you realize this all shouldn't be taken too seriously.  It's a brisk thirty-two minutes of guitar stomp, synths, and beats that's rather winning.

The above mentioned songs were my favorites on the record initially.  "Kissed Her Sister" is a rather funny tale of accidentally making out with a girlfriend's twin sister that you didn't know existed, (ha!) and "Best Party Ever (So Far)" does the best at illustrating the vibe I think Brite Futures really have aimed for... a rollicking good time track about having a rollicking good time.  It's all very ernest and a bit dorky but rather charming.

I really dig this record and its out-of-nowhere charms.  For fans of Franz Ferdinand, VHS or Beta, Scissor Sisters, Electric Six, and The Fertelli's.  In a way they're like the kid-brother of those bands. (and yet don't really sound like any of they.)  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find much studio material available on YouTube or streaming... but take a listen, if you like them, you should totally buy their new record which you can get on their official website.

You can also hear a little more of their music here.

Fun record, really digging this one.  Enjoy!

Kissed Her Sister (live)
Too Young to Kill
Best Party Ever (So Far) - live?

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