Monday, November 07, 2011


Song: Big
Artist: Sneaky Sound System
Album: From Here to Anywhere

Sneaky Sound System are a Sydney, Australia-based dance music act that got their start from a club night they were involved in that started in 2001.  I first became familiar with the band from their single "It's Not My Problem" and the amazing Stuart Price Thin White Duke remix.  I never got their self-titled album from 2009 that it was on, but just last month they released their third album, "From Here to Anywhere" and it's amazing.

There is certainly an 80's influence going on, with the album cover art even helping, but it also has a bit of 70's disco and 90's house influences... mixed with some up-to-date electronic beats.  Overall, it's the amazing disco-tinged vocal melodies that the band excels at... beautiful.

The album starts strong with opening track "Friends" and then first and second singles "We Love" and "Big."  I'd been really digging "Friends" but recently can not stop listening to "Big," which as the name suggests, has this bigger-than-life quality to it... this is hands-over-your-head disco euphoria.  Wow.  I hear a little Shannon and general Freestyle-esque vibes from "Really Want to See You Again," and dig the dark edge of "Remember."  But the album soldiers on with one great track after another.  This isn't a singles record per-say, it's a disco-dance album that I think might trump the new Cicada... if I was looking for a comparison.

Connie Mitchell's vocals are rather amazing on this album... delivering diva-ish moments that don't quite go there all the way.  Which I appreciate.  Listen to third from last track "1984" and you'll "get" Sneaky Sound System.


We Love

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