Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Em (feat. Eve)

Song: Get Em (feat. Eve)
Artist: Wolfgang Gartner
Album: Weekend in America

Well here's some hard-hitting shit to jump start your Friday, and really kick-in the weekend...

Wolfgang Gartner is an up-and-coming eletcro-house producer and DJ from San Luis Obispo, CA.  He's released a handful of singles as well as remixes for the likes of Britney, Timbaland, and the Black Eyed Peas, and saw the release of his debut album, "Weekend in America," late last month.  It's collected a few of his past singles as well as some new collaborations with, Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Omarion, and Eve.  Gartner has said that he only listens to hip-hop when enjoying music, as he listens to so much dance music. (hence the collaborators)

The album has some pretty hard-hitting deep house in the Deadmau5 vein, a lot of instrumentals, but my favorites are those with vocals.  First track "Get Em" with Eve is a monster, and seems like it would fit in just fine into a Blowoff setlist.  I reluctantly must admit that my other favorite track is "Forever," with hip-pop anti-christ  It's got a nice Georgio Moroder-esque beat, and the man doesn't ruin it.

I don't think this holds up as well as the latest Deadmau5 record, but it's worth checking out for fans of the genre.

Enjoy, and happy Friday!

Get Em (feat. Eve)
Forever (feat.

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