Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crush on You

Song: Crush on You
Artist: The Jets
Album: The Jets

Okay so I don't know where this is coming from... but The Jets "Crush on You" is a favorite old-time jam that I love playing at parties.  Those that know it, act like you've pulled some musical rabbit out of a retro hat... it's as cheesy as an 80's track can be, and yet, it's kind of a forgotten gem.  I had been thinking of starting to go back in time a bit on the blog, as I used to do much more, and oddly... given the history of music, this is the track I kept thinking needed to be highlighted!  So it came as a bit of a surprise this AM as I did a little research on the song, that JUST LAST WEEK Dubstep artist Nero released a cover of the song. (!?!?!) What are the chances?

The Jets were a family band from Minneapolis, brothers and sisters, who specialized in R&B, dance, and a bit of Latin freestyle.  The band formed in 1985, but had broken up by 1990 after three albums and a Christmas record.  They re-formed in 1995 as a gospel outfit, and have gained and lost members throughout time.  They are still together, playing casinos and corporate functions.  I didn't realize that they were all siblings, an amalgamation of seventeen (!!!) varied brothers and sisters of the Wolfgramm family... who are Mormon.  Could a comeback be in the cards?  Mormon's are so hot right now.

I'm still a little blown away that this song has been on my mind for weeks now, only to have a new cover of it being released this month.  (hear it below) It's got way too much Dubstep for me, so that's why I'm talking about the original, which is awesome.  It's from their self-titled debut album, was the second single (after "Curiosity") and one of four they released from the record.  It was their most successful from the record, until they released "You Got it All" from the same album, after a holiday single from the Christmas record.  I didn't know "You Got it All" by name... but YouTube refreshed my memory... it's one of those 80's Adult Contemporary songs everyone knows.  Also a fun tidbit... it was written by Rupert Holmes.  Yes... THAT Rupert Holmes!

"Crush on You" remains my favorite.  Welcome to memory lane.


Crush on You
You Got it All
Crush on You - Nero

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