Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Night Time is the Right Time

Song: Night Time is the Right Time
Artist: Ray Charles
Album: Night Time is the Right Time

I recently discovered the art of .gif files... a very short looped piece of video that posters in an internet forum will use as their avatar... or they're simply just funny (or creepy) video loops to be shared on tumblr accounts.  Well it turns out that Bill Cosby has been one of the most popular people used in .gif's as listed here on Funny or Die.  I first started seeing .gif's with the 'Cos at this other site that really cracked me up.  (no further comment.)

All of this has nothing to do with anything except that all the Bill Cosby .gif's sparked my memory of his show which, despite watching it regularly as a kid, I don't really remember much of the probably hundred's of hours I spent in front of the sitcom.  But, there is one scene... that is arguably one of the most memorable of the show, when the family lip sync's a song on the living room stairway for their Grandparents Anniversary.  This scene popped into my head after not having thought about it in probably a decade... and I wondered, what song is that?

I have a thing for having music for parties that people probably don't know/have but is synonymous to some popular piece of TV or film.  Be it "Goodbye Horses" from "Silence of the Lambs," or "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper... songs everyone knows, but just don't know how long they've been waiting to hear them.  Well, after some easy research, I found that it was Ray Charles' version of "Night Time is the Right Time" recorded from 1958 used in the scene.  It's a great song, and one that deserves to be in every music collection.  I have yet to be able to use it to this effect at a party... but it's on deck.

The song was initially recorded by Nappy Brown in 1957 (below) though was originally written by blues pianist Roosevelt Sykes.


That classic scene
Night Time is the Right Time
Night Time is the Right Time - Nappy Brown

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