Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Magic Lover

Song: Magic Lover
Artist: Cinnamon Chasers
Album: Science

Sometimes I'll listen to an album for a while, and while I might be enjoying it, I think to myself... if this good for the blog?  Does a song pop enough for it to be notable?  Or simply... is there a great anecdote to associate with the music?  Quite a few times I'll have an album that while I know I enjoy, I put on once again, in order to find a track that really speaks to me enough to share... and then it doesn't that time, and I try again in a couple days.  If this continues, it stays in my "WeCastMaybe" playlist for a good while and then... drops off.

Not a great intro to get you excited about a record for sure and yet... here are Cinnamon Chasers being saved from my hard drive and making it to the blog with their sophomore album "Science."

Cinnamon Chasers is comprised solely of music producer Russ Davies, who creates self-described "nu-disco, indie-tronica."  He first became noteworthy due to the single "Luv Deluxe," as well as remixing for artists The Killers, Billy Idol, Kate Bush, Tears for Fears, and Roxy Music.  His influences are cited as Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean-Michael Jarre, KLF, Alan Braxe, Rex the Dog, and Junior Boys.  Cinnamon Chasers, as he has noted, is also influenced by the films The Never Ending Story and Flight of the Navigator.  So make what you will of all that.

Despite my cryptic introduction, I do like this record... and think the issue is that it's a mood record that wasn't built as a mood record.  These are laid-back electro songs without beat-you-over-the-head hooks. Certainly not a bad thing... but in a music landscape so cluttered, the loudest look at me! look at me! listen! listen! tracks and artists seem to get all the attention.  Boo!

"Science" is a good record for after the bars, not ready for a come down... but no longer wanting to rage.  It's a little trancy, a little chill...  but don't take away too much from my babbling, just listen below.


Magic Lover
Smooth Station

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