Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Are a Tourist

Song: You Are a Tourist
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Album: Codes and Keys

I've never been a huge Death Cab for Cutie fan, but have likes tracks here and there, and of course liked moments from their breakthrough album "Transatlanticism," but have found subsequent releases a little blah.  I can own up to not giving them enough time, I may have to go back.

I heard the first single, "You Are a Tourist" off of their seventh studio album "Codes & Keys" a couple weeks back and it's slowly really grown on me.  It has an almost Tears for Fears meets Stone Roses vibe to it.  I was surprised upon hearing the full album how much I liked the sound.  The band claimed to have used less guitars than any other previous record on "Keys," though I hear them all over the place.  Okay.

The record is filled with dreamy songs that incorporate lush strings, piano, and soaring vocals.  I really like the dark "Some Boys" and sweeping title track.  That first single "You Are a Tourist" really does grab you after a couple listens, with a guitar lick that reminds me of Modest Mouse at their catchiest.  It's a great track.

I've often talked about the divide that happened between those that listened to "Alternative" rock in the 90's and early millennium, and those that listen to "Indie" now.  It's the same bloody stuff really, a catch-all for "out-there" music that doesn't fit into a pop label.  Death Cab were always Indie, which for whatever reason I just never got into... but this album, while not really sounding similar reminds me of 90's R.E.M., one of my favorite bands.  Something about the vibe.  Anyhow, I recommend this, even if you've never been a fan.


You Are a Tourist
Some Boys
Codes and Keys

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