Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little White Doves

Song: Little White Doves
Artist: Dirty Vegas
Album: Electric Love

Dirty Vegas is best known for their single "Days Go By" which was famously initially used in a Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial before becoming an international hit.  I remember being disappointed in their self-titled debut album from which it came, and didn't even bother with the follow up, '04's "One" which apparently went into a different musical direction.  The band broke up in 2005, and lead Steve Smith released a solo album.  The group reformed years later, began working on new material in the same vein as their initial output, DJ'd high profile gigs like the Obama inauguration party, and now comes their third album, "Electric Love."

As I wasn't a huge fan I didn't have any expectations for "Electric Love" but from the stellar opener "Little White Doves" on, the album is filled with some great electro-pop songs that incorporate house, electro, pop hooks, and a decidedly pop-rock approach to songwriting.  Fans of Shy Child and Grum should take notice.

Opener "Dove" is killer, and the album goes into past single "Changes" and then current single and title-track "Electric Love."  These three tracks, all stellar, really exemplify the album.  You'll hear a leaning toward writing lyric-based tunes with dance/electronic elements, vs. the other way around.

I also really love the lush "Emma" as well as the more hard-hitting house track "Pressure."  Good stuff!

The album is surprisingly tight and properly constructed.  I've been listening to dance record after dance record that will have a good song or two and a LOT of filler.  It was nice to hear "Electric Love" and dig it from start to finish.  Take a listen to the three tracks below.  If you dig them you'll like the record throughout.


Little White Doves
Electric Love

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