Friday, May 27, 2011


Song: Waiting
Artist: Pance Party
Album: Rainbow Road EP

So I know how you're feeling... you woke up this Friday, ready for a long weekend and thought to yourself... this day would be MADE with some Super Mario-inspired Instrumental Blip-House.  Well WeCast readers... this is your day.

Not my typical thing, but I have been digging the totally free "Rainbow Road" EP from San Francisco-based trio Pance Party.  They are giving away the entire thing on their official website.

There's a couple video game noises in there, but this isn't 8-bit, just some spacey dance music that's equal parts trippy and dance-floorable.  The title track is pretty stellar, but I also like "Waiting," which employs some computerized "vocals" and hard grooves.  I don't know much about the band, but they've done a couple remixes for various artists and seem to be friendly with Benny Benassi.

"The Rainbow Road" EP is a perfect slice of get-up-on-it, clocking in at just under twenty minutes.  A perfect amount of time to get ready to go out.  And no vocals for your annoying friend to sing along to while you're trying to talk about that boy you want to see tonight.

Enjoy.  And happy weekend.

Rainbow Road
Greasy Weasel

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