Thursday, April 28, 2011

Underworld USA

Song: Underworld USA
Artist: Cold Cave
Album: Cherish the Light Years

Cold Cave are an experimental synthpop band based out of New York City fronted by Wesley Eisold, the chief member and singer-songwriter.  The band currently includes Dominick Fernow from Prurient, and Jennifer Clavin, frontwoman for Mika Miko.  "Cherish the Light Years" is their sophomore album, released on Matador Records.

My friend Luis introduced me to the band via the track "Underworld USA," a goth-electro track that's very very 80's.  The album as a whole has this dark, new wave vibe to it, synth-heavy and rather catchy.  It's a bit of New Order, a bit of Joy Division, and a whole lot of Depeche Mode.

Opening track, and first single, "The Great Pan is Dead" is a hard-driving, pummeling, and noisy track that none-the-less soon hits the soaring synths and highs of Eisold's pleading vocals, which turn it into a pop track before you know it... which it typical from the rest of the album.  I really like the light (as the album goes) "Confetti" which has some serious Depeche Mode-ian guitar, as well as the almost Modern English-ish "Catacombs."  The driving "Icons of Summer" is also a highlight.

Listening to Cold Cave, and "Cherish the Light Years" is almost like a count-the-80's influences game.  But beyond that, Eisold writes some killer songs, that without would make this JUST a retread.  I'm still getting into this record but have a feeling it will be a situation where once I know it better, I will only hear Cold Cave, and not all of the influences from bands in the past.  He's a talent... and I'm interested in checking out the debut record, "Love Comes Close," which was released in 2009.

But "Cherish the Light Years" is highly recommended for fans of those aforementioned Darkwave bands of yesteryear.


Underworld USA

The Great Pan is Dead


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