Friday, April 29, 2011

Glad All Over

Song: Glad All Over
Artist: Dave Clark Five
Album: Glad All Over

Two things I love... the Internet, and desert island album lists.  The Internet is pretty obvious, and vast in its seemingly limitless information, garbage, porn, and people putting a little of themselves out there into the world.  Facebook has been the biggest, most recent big way of exposing yourself to everyone you know, and blogs came around several years ago as a way for people to express themselves and put out opinions about whatever they find interesting in the world to everyone, all over the world.  A sort of pseudo-intellectual masturbation in public.  As you know, I do it daily.

So thanks to the internet, I came across a random blog by some guy in Rhode Island that's main content isn't important, but he randomly had a list of his top five "desert island albums."  Basically, the top albums that if you were stuck on an island, you couldn't live without.  (which is patently kind of ridiculous, because no matter if you've got MP3, CD, cassette, or vinyl... you're not really going to be plugging them in anywhere to actually PLAY these albums on a deserted bloody island. But I suppose that's not the point.)  Anyhow, this random dude had a random blog that I randomly come across The Dave Clark Five album "Glad All Over," which I didn't know, now feel like I should have... and it's all around totally rad.

The Dave Clark Five were an English pop rock group who had the distinction to be the second group of the British Invasion to play the Ed Sullivan Show, right after this other band had done so and went on to much success.  They were called The Beatles.    This was just shortly after their single "Glad All Over" knocked off that bands "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" off the top of the UK singles chart in January of 1964.  Over the next three years, the band was more popular here in the States than they were in their native Britain, though had a resurgence there after the US heyday.

The group disbanded in 1970, obviously not matching the Beatles cultural significance, but had several top ten hits in both the US and UK, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

"Glad All Over" the album was their first US release, and has that British Invasion  sound all over it, yet is varied, fun, and just a great rock album.  "Glad All Over" is a groovy energetic song, a perfect slice of classic rock & roll that includes some hints at psychedelia, with a "Green Tambourine"-esque echo effect.  Instrumental "Chaquita" sounds ripe for a Tarantino movie.  "No Time to Lose" sounds A LOT like a "Twist and Shout," and their covers of classics from the Motown era, "Stay" and "Do You Love Me" crackle in ways the originals don't.  Killer.

Discovering "Glad All Over" is a reminder of something I already knew... (aside from "the internet is awesome.") there is still tons of great music to discover, and you never know when it's going to pop up.  It's another little thing that makes life so great and exciting.  The old can be new again, and the discovery is the story.  (sigh)  Happy Friday.


Glad All Over

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