Monday, April 18, 2011

Dancing With the Devil

Song: Dancing With the Devil
Artist: Wolf Gang
Album: Dancing With the Devil EP

Wolf Gang is a very promising new band from the U.K. from musician Max McElligott.  They have opened for the likes of Florence and the Machine, Miike Snow, and Metric.  Their debut album, "Suego Faults," was written solely by McElligott and was produced by Dave Fridmann.  It is set for release sometime this year on Atlantic Records, but in the meantime the band have released an E.P. prior to the albums release.

The E.P. consists of the single "Dancing With the Devil," and track "Lions in Cages," plus demos "Back to Back" and "Something Unusual," as well as an acoustic version of "Devil" featuring a vocal duet with Kyla La Grange.

"Dancing With the Devil" is a (semi) epic Brit Rock track with a hint of 70's Meatloaf and a touch of Glam.  I really really dig it... going for some real rock and roll drama, something that has been missing from rock.  "Lions in Cages" is also really stellar, adding a solid beat and some sweeping piano into their rock and roll grandeur.

While Fridmann's production is a star in their music, the two demos show that the jewel is really McElligott's songwriting.  I'm really excited by this band and look forward to "Suego Faults." There's a Shoes remix of "Devil" with other current UK up and comer Cocknbullkid that adds beats and additional vocal drama and a rap!  Very very cool.  Check it out below.

Check them out.


Dancing With the Devil

Lions in Cages

Dancing With the Devil (Shoes Remix ft Cocknbullkid)

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