Friday, April 15, 2011

Groove is in the Heart (Gigamesh Remix)

Song: Groove is in the Heart (Gigamesh Remix)
Artist: Deee-Lite
Album: Groove is in the Heart

I loved Deee-Lite, and am proud to say that that their debut "World Clique," was the first compact disc I ever got.  I wrote about that album way back when and still pull it out to listen to it, as well as their much maligned sophomore album "Infinity Within."

But the band never really overcame their biggest hit in the eyes of the popular public, despite releasing three pretty great albums of "Global Village" the-world's-a-party dance music that grabbed elements of the past with a positive nod to the now growing-distant future. (Why do the 90's seem so far away now?)

But the track that put them on the map, "Groove is in the Heart" has transcended time (and space) and now fills a great place between a culture-shift relic of the past and wedding staple.  It just never gets old.

For this Friday I thought I'd share this insane light-house remix of the classic track by Gigamesh, whom I know very little about aside from specializing in taking older songs and giving them the house treatment.  Apparently a proper Gigamesh EP is set for release this summer, you can read more about the one-man production unit here on his official website.

I love this remix, and in researching find that he's done really great mixes of odd alternative rock choices like Radiohead's "Everything in it's Right Place," and even Lykke Li's "Little Bit."  His take on "Groove is in the Heart" does in fact have a new killer groove that I do deeply dig, pitching the vocals at different speeds and  rejuvenates the song to something new and exciting.  This alone made Gigamesh someone to watch.  And then... there is this.  Whoa.

But if you only know "Groove is in the Heart" from Deee-Lite I highly recommend their debut, but you can also start with their greatest hits package linked on the left.  See... only $1.37 on Amazon.  You can't lose!  I'd argue that they no longer sound even a bit dated given today's look-back-to-yesterday style of grab-bag indie-dance.  Long live Deee-Lite!


Groove is in the Heart (Gigamesh Remix)

Everything in it's Right Place (Gigamesh Remix)

Dancing Machine (Gigamesh Remix)

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