Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Asthma Attack

Song: Asthma Attack
Artist: CocknBullKid
Album: Adulthood

I've recently been flipping for the new single "Asthma Attack" by new UK artist Anita Blay, best known as 'CocknBullKid.'  This is the third single by the artist, her debut album is expected sometime this month on Moshi Moshi/Island Records.

Blay was born to Ghanaian parents in Hackney and began getting into music while songwriting with rapper Plan B when she was sixteen.  At twenty-three, in 2008, she was releasing her first single "On My Own."   After a couple of smaller releases, including an independant EP entitled "Querelle," she signed to Moshi Moshi/Island and in November of last year released the single "One Eye Closed" and then the follow up, "Hold on to Your Misery" just last month (which Hercules and Love Affair Remixed.)

"Adulthood" featured production work from Liam Howe of Sneaker Pimps fame, and guests include Gonzalez, and members of Peter, Bjorn, & John, and Metronomy.

I've been listening to the various tracks available on YouTube and she has a very wide rage of influences in her music.  Her recent singles are pop on a grand scale, though with an edge.  I felt that way when first hearing "Asthma Attack" as well as "On My Own."  But songs like "Shake" remind me of Kelis meets Prince, and "Hot Potato" follows a similar much harder dance/electronic vibe.  Very interesting.

But "Asthma Attack" had me immediately interested in this new quirky artist.  She's opened for both Marina and the Diamonds as well as Kele Okereke, which seem like perfect fits.  Check out the video for "Hold on to Your Misery" below, it's very cute... and positive.


Asthma Attack

Hold on to Your Misery

One Eye Closed

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