Thursday, March 03, 2011


Song: Rope
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Wasting Light

I used to be a pretty big Foo Fighters fan, especially during the beginning of their career.  The band has been pretty prolific over the years, though aside form a Greatest Hits album that featured two new songs, they've been silent since the release of 2007's "Echos, Silence, Patience, & Grace."  They are breaking that silence in April with the release of their seventh album, "Wasting Light."

Reading that the their new set is their seventh album proper, I was reminded that poor Dave Grohl was always working on outliving the shadow of his former band Nirvana, and Kurt Cobain.  The Foo Fighters certainly never matched the cultural relevance of that band, (which is yes, debatable Grohl fans) but what put an end to Cobain, popularity and rock stardom, Grohl has always had fun with.  And hey, he's still around making music.

Not that I haven't liked their more recent material, I just sort of wasn't that interested.  But the last album I did really like of theirs was the double-album "In Your Honor," which contained a hard rock disc, and an acoustic one of original songs.  I'd known how far Grohl came as a songwriter over the history of the band, but that album really proved it.  It also highlighted how nice his voice was.

Well, the band just released the first single off of the new record, "Rope," and it immediately reminded me of their early material that I liked so much.  It turns out that former guitarist Pat Smear, who has played with them live in the past but hasn't been an official member since 1997's "The Colour and the Shape" (my favorite album) is returning.  AND the new record is being produced by Butch Vig of Garbage fame who really made his mark producing a little album called "Nevermind."  (He had also produced two new tracks for their Greatest Hits collection that I never heard.)

Also of note is that the album was recorded entirely analog in Grohl's garage until post-mastering.  I'm not sure I necessarily hear that in "Rope," but I am really digging the song, which has a chorus and spark that's as electric as some of their best tracks.  I'm intrigued by this new record.  I've been looking for a killer rock record to enjoy as of late.  Maybe "Wasting Time" is it...

During the making of the record a documentary crew shot the band for a career-spanning film which includes the recording sessions.



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