Friday, March 04, 2011

Last Dance

Song: Last Dance
Artist: Clare Maguire
Album: Light After Dark

Here's an album that's not my usual thing but grabbed me right away... Clare Maguire is an English singer-songwriter who was signed to Polydor Records back in 2008 and is just now seeing the release of her debut album, "Light After Dark."  She's only twenty-three, and after listening to the album, it's not surprising that even a little research shows that she's poised as one of the next big things of 2011.

At just 17 Maguire was demoing songs on MySpace and traveling to London to make industry contacts which garnered enough attention for her to meet Jarvis Cocker & Jay-Z, which lead to the Polydor contract and work with producer Fraser T. Smith. (Kylie & Adele)

Maguire writes grand semi-orchestral pop music and has a voice similar to Stevie Nicks or Cher, though I am hearing a strong Annie Lennox vibe to both her voice and sound of music.  Some big names to throw around in comparing a twenty-three year-old, but one listen and you hear what I'm talking about.

I immediately loved first proper track (after a brief intro) "Shield And Sword" which again is strong and grand in all the right places.  Second track, and second single, "Last Dance" was written soon after the death of Michael Jackson, yet rings true for taking on the loss of anyone in your life.  It's pretty amazing. First single "Ain't Nobody" (which is NOT a Chaka Kahn cover) is a darker declaration of love with intense background synths, swooping strings, and that voice... man, the more I listen it's like the second coming of Annie Lennox.  Really something.

Certainly not for all tastes, but I connected with this record immediately.  It's not the typical kind of pop music that's being made today, yet is pretty undeniable right from initial listen.  The album just came out this Monday in the U.K., and while I haven't heard much about her from mainstream music venues... I think it's inevitable.  Keep an eye out on this one.


Last Dance

Shield And Sword

Ain't Nobody

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